In the zone of Sovana there have been very important archaeological finds which go all the way back to the seventh century B.C. This was, in fact, first Etruscan territory and, only later, Roman. In 594 A.D. Sovana was conquered by the Lombards, which assigned it to the potent Aldobrandeschi family, which gave its name to the estate as well. Around the year 1000 A.D., thanks as well to Ildebrando di Sovana, who later became Pope Gregory VII and showed his native town with favors from the papal state, settlements expanded and Sovana became the capital of a wealthy and powerful county. Sovana and the other settlements on tufaceous bluffs then passed under the domination first of Siena and then of Florence, finally becoming a part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. But they remained at the margins of the Grand Ducal state, and did not re-acquire their former importance. The Fattoria Aldobrandeschi is at the center of this historically rich territory, one of great viticultural interest as well, and one which represents a new frontier to interpret for the production of outstanding wine.



The Aldobrandesca vineyards are located precisely on the slopes of the spur of tufaceous rock on which Sovana is perched, immersed in a breathtaking natural and archaeological panorama. The property was acquired by the Antinori family in 1995 and extends over 193 hectares (some 480 acres) on a gently sloping terrain of volcanic origin with a tufaceous sub-soil. It is situated at approximately 200 meters (660 feet) above sea level.



The Fattoria Aldobrandesca wine came out in summer 1998: Aleatico 1997. In 2004 came out Vie Cave: the fruit of lands of widely varying features and careful zonal and oenological research.


PRICES € 25,00 per adult, visit of the bottega, wine tasting and special taste of local products.


On reservation, from Moday to Friday at 11.30 am and 4.30 pm.