S.Cristina castle is an ancient estate that belongs to the same Caterini family since many centuries , at the moment it adds up aprox 100 hectares .Half of it is made by wooded hills of oak and chestnut .The other 50 hectares are farming land that the staff of the castle take care of with modern tractors and machinery .


Most of the land is used to produce hay for our 20 horses.Then we have a quality production of the reknown potatoes from our region Alta Tuscia which find a very fertile soil rich in minerals from the volcanic origins, that you can taste in our restaurant.Barley , Lentils , and Spelt are the other productions of the farm .


Near the S.Prospero , west part of the farming estate we have 20 bee hives who produce very fine bio honey .Instead a large vegetable garden ,with hens houses is located on the eastern part .Juicy organic vegetables are produced there together with the eggs for our hens.


The castle estate is ecologically supplied with power from our 116 kw solar plant located on the roof of our cottages Marta & Capodimonte and from the big warehouse at S.Annunziata .